Our Secrets of Superior Service

Our Secrets of Superior Service

Jan 6, 2022

At Stone Martin Builders, every decision we make is focused on improving our customers’ experience. We listen intently to feedback from our homeowners and constantly make adjustments to our processes to provide an exceptional level of customer service. Everything we do is with the buyer in mind. Through it all, we've identified three areas that constantly win the praise of our prospects and customers alike, and set us apart from all other builders. Here are the three secrets of our superior service!

The Benefits of Working with Stone Martin Builders

1) Smooth Process

We've developed an efficient, proven, Path to Ownership that includes every step of choosing, financing, designing, building, and closing on your new home. We’ve left no step out, so that you have complete information and a sense of ownership right from the beginning. We’ve created best practices and a checklist for every part of this exciting process to take the guesswork out for you, and to make things efficient for us (which translates to cost savings for you!).

2) Innovative Perks

Flock Safety System

There are a few perks of living in a Stone Martin Builders home that are hard to find anywhere else, especially all together! One of the most significant is the Flock Safety System. Included in select communities throughout Alabama, this innovative system keeps communities safer by reading license plates and sending real time evidence to participating law enforcement when necessary. Most crimes are committed using a vehicle, and police say that pictures of cars and license plates are more effective at solving crimes than pictures of people! It also helps to protect privacy and mitigate bias. Flock Safety cameras are installed at community entrances, exits, and amenities, so that your entire neighborhood is covered.

Spray Foam

All homes need insulation, but not all insulation is created equal. Stone Martin Builders uses spray foam insulation — the superior choice for maximum energy efficiency — in ALL our homes. This advanced method and material works like a cooler, keeping the cooled and heated air that you pay for inside your home, longer. Ultimately, your systems don't have to work as hard, saving you energy and money and providing a more comfortable environment.

Spray foam insulation is a gas that turns into a liquid, then expands into a foam, covering every nook and cranny of the space and creating a more airtight seal. In order to keep costs down for our customers for this superior building product, we spray the underside of the roof decking and in between the studs and roof supports, all the way down to the top plates of the walls. Because exterior walls are not exposed to such extreme temperatures as the attic is, they get high-quality fiberglass insulation. With this hybrid model, our customers get all the benefits of spray foam, without the high cost.

The Thinking Home

Monitor your home from anywhere in the world, any time you want, with The Thinking Home. This innovative smart home system uses cutting edge Z-wave technology to allow you to control front door communication, locks, and lighting in every Stone Martin home. And that's just the base package. You can build from there, adding wireless control and monitoring of garage doors, interior and exterior cameras, sensors, and more. You'll always be connected to your home, no matter where you are.

3) Constant Communication

As a Stone Martin Builders customer, you'll have full access to our homeowner portal. This internet-based portal allows you to access any information about your home you need and through our exclusive app Buildertrend, you track progress on your build — at any time. The content is created just for our homeowners, with specific and helpful information that you can reference for years to come. You'll be able to access videos and documents that explain:

  • Where we are in the building process
  • Construction details
  • Warranty specifics
  • Community details

Along with...

  • Links to other content you'll need going forward
  • Apps to download for many of the products in your new home

Stone Martin Builders’ unique and innovative approach is customer-centric, emphasizing our smooth process, innovative perks, and constant communication. No other builder in Alabama offers these three things to the extent that we do!

We strive to give you the best possible experience every step of the way. If you're ready to get started building an incredible new home in Alabama, please contact us — we can't wait to meet you!



If your boxes are already packed, we have move-in ready homes available throughout Alabama! Stone Martin Builders brings each new house to life as if it was our own. Discover an impeccably designed, energy-efficient home in a safe, amenity-rich community. You can count on impressive style and lasting construction. Your home awaits!

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To truly feel at home in your space, every detail should be personalized by you! Homebuyers in Alabama love that Stone Martin Builders puts your vision first. Countless design aspects are yours to customize, and our standard features are comparable to the luxury options of other home builders. 

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Enjoy better comfort and a lower cost of living with an energy-efficient home from Stone Martin Builders. Our forward-thinking team delivers energy-conscious construction, innovative technology, smart home features, and premium building materials. With each design, you’ll enjoy a clean and green home that saves you money over time. 

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