Weathering the Storm

Sep 7, 2017

As storms ravage the American south, we can see skyrocketing costs in damages to people’s homes, personal belongings, and property. Though hurricane proofing a house or building it resistant to hurricane force winds may be a major overhaul and expensive undertaking on your home, taking preventative measures for nasty weather and less than hurricane level winds can be as easy as taking 10 minutes from your schedule for some preventative measures. A few well spent minutes can help you save your own home from disaster.

Protecting your windows and doors is a good first step towards preventing extensive damage in your home in the event of strong winds or heavy rains. Making sure that weather-stripping is snug to the door jamb can prevent water from seeping into the house. If strong winds are buffeting your house, bracing the garage door can be beneficial: it lacks the structural integrity of the rest of the house and can be a weak spot for racing winds to enter the home. Adding working shutters or hard awnings to windows prevents objects from crashing through. In addition, they help run water off the house and prevent leakage from heavy rains.

When the rains do hit, it is important to take certain precautions. Don’t allow the water to damn up around the sides of your house. Stone Martin takes drainage into effect when building the foundation of your home, creating channels that relieve the stresses of running water during storms. However, in catastrophic events (the likes of hurricanes and tropical storms) downpouring water can exceed the typical amount of just your average summer rainstorm and lead to standing water. Be aware of wear drainage may be blocked and work to relieve the stress of excess water.

To that point, keep your property clear of debris. That is not limited to fallen branches and twigs: clear the outdoors of patio furniture, rake branches and loose rocks out of your lawn, and make sure your gutters are clean. Patio furniture can shift or become airborne during fierce storms, potentially crashing through windows damaging exteriors. Rocks or branches can shatter windows or make spots for water to leak in. Clogged gutters can redirect the flow of water under the roof, causing damage and opening spots for drywall to soak through or interiors to get destroyed by water. Keeping your house and property clean can be a quick fix to preventing damage to both the exterior and interior.

During this stormy season, Stone Martin wishes on the best of health to hearth and home for all its customers and home owners everywhere. Keep yourself safe and take some quick tips to fix up your home and prevent a world of headache and costly repairs. Keep you, your family, and your home safe and intact by following these guidelines.

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