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According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, humans require shelter as one of their levels of survival. Since the dawn of humanity, people have sought out shelter to protect them from the elements, give them safe refuge from danger, and to help them find peace of mind. What began as mud huts and lean-tos have over the years evolved into communal dwellings, castles, and, eventually, houses. Though the design, shape, and size of these shelters has changed over the years, the overall purpose of houses hasn’t strayed much at all. People have been living in houses for hundreds of years. However, what changes a house into a home? At Stone Martin, we are in the market of building homes.

A home is one level beyond a house. Not only does it provide all the shelter and necessities that a house provides, but there is an added level of sentimental connection that makes it your own. Stone Martin doesn’t want you moving into a “dwelling space” or simply a place to rest your head. We want you to feel comfortable and happy in your home; able to relax and take the day’s load off without worrying about anything.

Homes represent a part of what brings people together as a family. Large living rooms rife with memories, cozy kitchens with lingering, familiar smells, wide-windowed bedrooms with dancing rays of golden light: these are the lasting elements of a home. Sure, anyone can raise up a house and stay in it, but unless they truly love the house and feel a genuine connection to it, as if it were grown for the ground just for them, they will not see it as a home.

Stone Martin builds homes for you. We make sure that where you’ll be living is a place you love. With meticulous preparation, experienced workmanship, and dedicated service, Stone Martin strives to build out the dreams you have for yourself and for your family. It is never worth it to settle for less than what makes you absolutely happy. Stone Martin wants to make that a reality for each and every one of our clients. We work with you, finding the right city, neighborhood, and even the exact plot that you so choose as the perfect place to plant your home.

People grow. Families grow. Let Stone Martin plant the seeds that will let your home grow.

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