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When buying a brand new home in a new construction neighborhood, or any community that’s still being built, there’s a couple things to carefully consider when choosing your home builder. While there may only be one home builder available for a specific neighborhood, the home builder itself can oftentimes be the deciding factor in which area you want to build in.

You definitely want to work with an agent who is familiar with the area, not just the neighborhood that is being built in. Many home builders have agents that will travel from another area over to the model home when showing the different features and amenities a home offers. You should hope for an agent that lives relatively close by, or at least within the surrounding communities. Having an agent that knows what to look for in the area helps your decision making process that much easier.

You may even have a family friend or relative that is an agent. That’s completely fine as you’ll know that said agent has your best interests at heart, but it’s likely that the agent provided by the home builder will be more familiar with the home specs itself. It’s important to make the most informed decision possible, so be sure to not only trust the person you’re working with, but also the information he/she is able to provide.

New home construction is the key variable here, so go out there and check out the neighborhood yourself. Drive around the area that you’re looking into and see what the other homes look like in the neighborhood. It’s likely the home builder will have a variety of different models already constructed, or at least in the process of new construction. If there’s people already living in the neighborhood, ask them how they like their new home! Getting to talk to someone that’s just gone through the “new home builder” experience will be able to provide you additional insight into the whole process. They may also be able to point you in the right direction for what plans/layout you should consider, or even features and add-ons.

Consider asking if the local cable or fiber companies have already run lines to the neighborhood.  You can also plan on visiting the city planner’s office and look into what developments are planned for your prospective new neighborhood. New home builders will plan their communities around things like incoming strip malls, jobs, or industries.

Take the our new home construction neighborhoods in Huntsville & Madison. Our communities are strategically placed to service the new jobs at the Toyota-Mazda super plant that’s being built. Our goal is to be able to provide housing for everyone and anyone who’s looking build a new home near that plant in Huntsville. If you’re planning on buying a new home, pick a neighborhood that makes since for you and your commute as well.

When it comes to buying new construction, you need to not only pick an agent that you trust, but one that is informed of the area. Plan ahead and do your research to determine what home builder and what location works for you and your family, then trust that decision. Building a new home give you the opportunity to make exactly the home you’re looking for, just for you!

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