The Buzz About Building a Craftsman Style Home in Huntsville

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The Craftsman style home has caught the eye of many new home buyers and builders in Huntsville. This modern and classic home is usually fitted with a wide front porch, warm earth tones, and exposed stone or brick.The warm tones and textures are inviting and charming. The open floor plans and relaxing, subtle colors make this home perfect for southern living.

The charm of a Craftsman style home doesn’t end with the outside; the layout of the inside is beautiful and practical as well. Inside you can usually find:

  • Handy built-in shelves to help erase clutter. 
  • A cozy breakfast nook for those early morning cups of coffee. 
  • A classic central fireplace for the family to gather around.
  • Beautiful slate tiles throughout the house.
  • Unique accent elements such as exposed beams.
  • And an open floor plan that is great for entertaining.

Craftsman style homes are built to last and the house may only need a few repairs over time. The natural materials used to build the house make the design timeless and sturdy.

While the interior and exterior look of a Craftsman style home remains traditional, many of the homes are fitted with new technology. Stainless steel appliances paired and the latest home technology keep these houses up-to-date, proving that your home can be both classic and modern. 

Since this style of home can take on many shapes and sizes, homeowners get to have a voice about the design of their house. The homes are typically built around the needs and tastes of those who will be living in the house. Freedom to customize the design of a Craftsman style house has made it popular in communities like Huntsville, Alabama.

The structure of a Craftsman style home is simple and shows quality workmanship. The timeless natural elements inside and out will help the house hold its value for years to come.  If you are looking for a design for your next home building project, consider the Craftsman style as your next move! 

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