Looking for Convenience and Efficiency? Meet UltraSync

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We like to crank the air down when we sleep, but we are all too familiar with the sinking feeling at work the next day when you realize you never bumped it back up. What if we told you we have an available upgrade that could solve this problem forever? And what if this same system would allow you to keep an eye on the front porch for package deliveries, or monitor the new puppy in the living room? What if it even let you turn lights on, lock and unlock the doors from afar, and open the garage door as you drive up the street? We are here to tell you that UltraSync can make all of those dreams a reality, and we at Stone Martin Builders are proud to offer a variety of packages as upgrades to any of our homes. We know, we know: it sounds too good to be true. Having control over so many aspects of your home from your smart phone is a game changer for both efficiency and convenience. You no longer have to fret if your company will arrive while you are still stuck in traffic: with UltraSync’s Z-Wave deadbolts you can unlock the door for them in seconds. Don’t spend valuable brain power worrying if your kids are actually doing their homework like they were instructed: with UltraSync’s wi-fi desktop cameras you can pull up a feed of the interior of your home. Is paying to heat or cool an empty house your big concern? UltraSync’s app pairs seamlessly with Carrier’s COR™ Thermostat that comes standard in all Stone Martin Builders homes, allowing you to program and adjust no matter where you are – in bed, at the office, or even away on a trip. Intrigued? Talk to your local realtor today about upgrading your home to an UltraSync smart home. They can provide you with details about available packages and costs. You can also find out more about the product itself on their website.
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