Feature Friday: New Options (Round 2!)

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We are back this week with the second installment of our Feature Friday focused on new options and upgrades! This week we have lots of granite, tile, and a couple of peeks at new cabinetry options! It is so rewarding to see these new offerings start to pop up in our homes around the state, and we love seeing all of the combinations our home buyers are selecting. We can’t wait to see more as they continue to be installed!
  1. New Granite Options – earlier this year we added 8 new granite options to our lineup, dramatically increasing the possibilities for how our kitchens will look. They run the gamut from light to dark and from looser textures to more tight patterns.
  2. New Standard Tile Selections – we overhauled the way we handle tile this year to give our buyers more flexibility. In doing so, we added 4 standard tile color choices, and each of the four has two options for the 2×2 floor and band in the shower. (For example, if you choose Acacia Beige tile, you can then decide between Crisp Linen 2×2 or Urban Putty 2×2, both pictured below.) We don’t have them all installed yet, but you can see pictures of these standard options on our Options and Upgrades page for Flooring.
  3. New Cabinet Offerings – we were able to add a few new cabinet finish options this year in hopes that our buyers would be able to style their kitchen exactly as it looks in their dreams. In addition to the new finishes, you can now choose to upgrade your island or hood vent (if applicable) to an alternate finish.
So, what do you think? Are you daydreaming about your dream kitchen now? Because we totally are! Let us know what you think of these new options and, as always, keep your eyes peeled for future features. We have a lot of great things up our sleeves! Have a great weekend!
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