Feature Friday: New Options (Round 3!)

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Feature Friday: New Options (Round 3!)   As you may know, we have been taking some time to showcase our newest options and upgrades as they’re being installed in new homes. We added a lot of selections early this year, and we are still reaping the benefits of seeing things in person for the first time. We love to see what our customers put together to make a house feel like their home, and we are enjoying seeing how the new options play into that. Without further ado, here is round three of new selections!
  1. New Granite We have shown you guys much of the new granite already, but we have two new ones to showcase today: moon white and steel gray. Both of these look amazing with so many of our cabinet options and we truly cannot get enough! And did we mention they are both standard selections?
  2. Upgrade Tile Last time we showed some of the new standard tile selections, but we also completely overhauled the available upgrade options. Below you’ll see three of those: Bristol Concorde with Linden Point 2×2, Exquisite Silverstone with Severino Cenere Fog 2×2, and 12×24 Florentine Carrara tile on the floor.
  3. Light Rail We are huge proponents of under-cabinet lighting, but we don’t want to actually see the mechanism. Enter: light rail. This inconspicuous piece of trim is added to the bottom of your upper cabinets to hide the lighting and really polish off the look of your kitchen. Yes, please!
    Light Rail

    Light Rail

  4. Mosaic Backsplash This is a new backsplash option that we are loving! It’s a flat color (similar to subway tiles) so it won’t distract from the pattern in your countertop, but it has a really elegant design that we just can’t get enough of. Don’t you think it really steps it up a notch?
    Mosaic Backsplash

    Mosaic Backsplash

  5. Spice Racks Spices – everyone has them and has to store them. But it feels like a waste of valuable cabinet space sometimes! That’s why we are loving this discreet spice cabinet nestled right next to the cooktop where you’ll use them most.
    Spice Rack

    Spice Rack

  6. Large Mirror We have always offered gorgeous, framed mirrors in our bathrooms, but this large mirror is a recent addition. It’s attractive, it’s practical, and it really visually opens up the space in the bathroom! Mirror, mirror on the wall… who has the best homebuyers of them all?
    Large Mirror

    Large Mirror

That’s all for today, folks! Thank you for joining us again as we not-so-subtly brag on the gorgeous new finishes we are lucky to add into our homes. We hope your minds are spinning with ideas for your own homes, now! If you’re in the market to build, you know where to find us.
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