Featured Employee: Meet Hunter!

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At Stone Martin Builders, our warm and friendly team wants nothing more than to make your road to move-in day as smooth and fun as possible. Throughout every step of your journey, you’ll feel confident knowing that every one of our employees has your back— not because they have to, but because they love to.   This week, we’re happy to introduce an employee who brings positivity to our office and homeowners day in and day out! Hunter Bond, our incredible Superintendent, is one of the reasons we have impeccable customer service, and can call ourselves leaders in the homebuilding industry.   Before joining the Stone Martin home builder team, Hunter worked in a variety of construction roles, where he did everything from hardscape work to remodeling, and even operated his own business. He believes that his extensive past experience has prepared him to succeed as our Superintendent, and we couldn’t agree more!   Whether he’s helping a subcontractor work through an issue or figuring out a homeowner concern, Hunter appreciates that every day offers a unique challenge to overcome and learn from. An astute, detail-oriented worker, Hunter also enjoys the logistics of his job — particularly seeing the big picture and making sure all the pieces fall into place as they should.   But above all else, Hunter’s passion has always been getting to know people. “When I’m getting ready for a walk-through with a buyer, I think of a few questions I can ask to show them that I not only care about their satisfaction with their new home, I also care about who they are.” His biggest goal? To walk away from each newly built home knowing that the buyers are happy, and will smile and wave when they see him driving by in the future. hunter bond stone martin builders When he’s not in the office or on-site, you can most likely find Hunter enjoying a good cigar and reading. He also enjoys any kind of DIY project and woodworking. In fact, Hunter and his wife recently purchased a home that was built in the 1920s, and they can’t wait to renovate it one room at a time. And if this blog wasn’t enough to prove how interesting Hunter is, ask him about his own podcast that he releases every Tuesday!   All of us at Stone Martin Builders would like to thank Hunter for the invaluable work he does day in and day out, and for inspiring our entire team to be our best. It’s such a pleasure to have him on our team and we can’t wait for you to work with him! For more information on our new communities and homes in Alabama, please visit our website or call 334-742-8050.
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