Flock Safety

Stone Martin Builders - Play Video
Stone Martin Builders - Play Video

Living Safe & Sound

With Flock Safety System now included in select communities, we keep a bird's eye view on the entries and exits. 

Your Safety

Is Our Number One Priority

Flock Safety's license plate reading cameras give real time evidence to participating law enforcement. 

  • License Plate
  • Vehicle Make
  • Vehicle Color
  • Timestamp
  • Number of Vistis
  • Resident or Non-Resident
Stone Martin Builders
Stone Martin Builders

Feel Safe

No Matter Where You Go

  • Solar Camera at Subdivision Entrances, Exits, & Amenities
  • Automatically Connects Vehicles to Participating Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Any Stolen Vehicles or Wanted Plates Are Flagged As They Enter
  • Safety For the Whole Subdivision
  • HOA Has Control of All Camera Footage
  • Timestamp Documentation of All Vehicles Entering & Exiting

* Contact your Sales Associate to see if your community is protected.

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