Glennbrooke Phase 5B!

 In Communities, Prattville
With so many residents who already call Glennbrooke home and its ever-growing popularity, we are thrilled to announce that Glennbrooke phase 5B is NOW SELLING! These 69 new lots are already in high demand and quickly being claimed, so don’t waste any time coming to see us! In addition to all of the things you already love about Glennbrooke like its central location, cozy layout, and fabulous amenities, we are proud to announce a great new feature coming in this new phase: A POCKET PARK! This vast greenspace (3.5 acres!) will be tucked in among the houses for safety and privacy and will feature park benches, a walking trail around the perimeter, and plenty of space for the kids to run, throw the ball, fly a kite, or anything else their little minds can dream up. If we have another southern snow day once it is completed, we can only imagine all of the snowmen that will be built there! So go ahead and pick up your phone to give us a call for more details. You can reach Lauren at (334) 300-6117, Lynn at (334) 303-6028, or Cass at (334) 531-3159. Or, even better, swing by our model home at 741 Glennbrooke Boulevard, Prattville, Alabama 36066 and let’s get that contract started! We have plenty of available plans to choose from. Do you already live in Glennbrooke? We can’t wait to have the park ready for y’all to enjoy, too! In the meantime, tell all of your friends about the new lots in Glennbrooke Phase 5B. We know you want them to be friends AND neighbors!
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