Huntsville Homes are Tech-Heavy

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Keeping up with technology is one of the most difficult parts of any job, especially in the home building world. Every custom home builder constantly has to evolve normal practices for new safety and improvement standards. It’s just the nature of the business.

Why wouldn’t any builder want to improve on their methods? Of course there’s benefit for certain tried-and-true items, but very few things can’t be made better with new technology. And even more importantly, in order for Stone Martin Builders to be able to compete in Huntsville, Alabama and other technologically advanced cities in the world, we needed to make sure that our tech was as effective as possible.

interlogix2One of the ways Stone Martin has been able to lead Alabama home builders in technological advancement is through systems like the Interlogix UltraSync home security and automation system.

Home automation is one of the most popular “average-joe” tech improvements over the past few years. Home assistants like Amazon’s Echo, and smart house technology like the Cor thermostat/doorbell cameras are more and more common. We at Stone Martin Builders wanted to commit to improving the standard features we can offer with a home, and that now includes some of these home automation items.

The Interlogix UltraSync home security system now comes in every custom home that Stone Martin Builders builds, even our new homes in the new Huntsville/Madison neighborhoods. Interlogix is the absolute first wireless security system that has its own built-in web-server that will function appropriately regardless of a separate wifi connection. For some of the new neighborhoods that Stone Martin builds in, this will be a huge advantage as many new residential areas won’t have internet service providers for years at a time.

We know that the Huntsville/Madison areas are booming populations, with citizens that not only appreciate advancement, but also appreciate quality construction that stands the test of time. If you’re in Huntsville, Madison, or any where in Madison County, be sure to check out some of the awesome plans we have available. UltraSync is an available upgrade in every Stone Martin Builders home!

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