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Millbrook is a rapidly growing city seated 10 miles north of Montgomery. As a suburb of Alabama’s capitol, its growth has increased exponentially over the past decade. Hollingsworth by Stone Martin BuildersCurrently home to 14,734 residents, the diverse demographic and close city proximity promotes business growth
in the area, while retaining its southern charms. Sprawling plantations and scenic waterways dot Millbrook with pleasant views. Its rapid growth has paved the way for an exceptional school system and a plentiful business boom. Millbrook is a prime location to build a new home.


Cumberland Park, a Stone Martin Builders developing subdivision, exemplifies the best of Millbrook and all the qualities you could want for a new home location. Stone Martin offers six different floorplans for houses in this growing neighborhood. With spacious living rooms, great natural lighting, and plenty of room for your family, Cumberland Park homes offer a variety of options for comfortable living. Talk with our representative at Aronov Realty to get into your new home at Cumberland Park.


The Elmore County Public School System provides excellent educational opportunities for students K-12 in four schools throughout the area. In total, 11,000 students are enrolled in fifteen schools across the Elmore County School System. The mission of the system is to “to provide relevant, engaging, positive learning environments where students are empowered to realize their self-worth through continuous academic, social, and emotional growth.” Indicators of academic growth have displayed continuous progress and advancement in this school system. Growth and academic achievement are on an upward trend.


Community life in Millbrook is prominent and plays a big role in the development of the city. Civic involvement is plentiful with many service groups taking part in the growth and upkeep of the city. Numerous organizations partner with the city to put together major events and festivals for the Howard H by Stone Martin Builderscommunity. Over 50 places of worship are present in Millbrook, further diversifying cultures and religious inclusion throughout the city. Outside of organized events, there is still plenty to do. Millbrook is home to multiple golf courses, plentiful fishing locales, as well as walking trails and play areas at the city’s Village Green, the main downtown park. Millbrook’s prime location means Montgomery’s city life is only a short drive away, but still distant enough to maintain its quiet quaintness.

Millbrook – a sweet southern city with all the charms middle Alabama is known for, but with population growth, educational opportunities, and business boom you’re looking for. Cumberland Park, a Stone Martin Builders developing subdivision, exemplifies the best of Millbrook and all the qualities you could want for a new home location. Check out Millbrook and let Stone Martin Builders help get you started in your new home.


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