Our Standard Is Their Upgrade

Our Standard is Their Upgrade

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Stone Martin Builders strives to put classic finishes in every home while also giving every homeowner the added benefits of the construction industry’s leading innovations in structural integrity, technology, and energy efficiency. We believe in only putting the best products and materials in the homes we build so that each home buyer can enjoy their home for a lifetime. We like to say that our standard is their upgrade.  Watch the videos and look at the pictures of just a few of the outstanding products we provide in every home.

DriTac SMC Urethane Wood Adhesive

Stone Martin Builders installs DriTac SMC (Sound and Moisture Control) Flooring Adhesive under all wood products in every home we build.  This product provides the added benefit of controlling up to 85% Relative Humidity as well as one of the highest sound ratings available in the residential market.

Certainteed Shingles

Stone Martin Builders knows that one of the most essential parts of a home is the roofing system.  We install Certainteed shingles on every single roof that we build to ensure that only the best quality products help protect you from the elements.  Please take a minute to watch the video and see how Stone Martin Builders and Certainteed warranties your roof to ensure you are protected for years to come!

SucraSeal Spray Foam Insulation with Fire Resistance

Stone Martin Builders installs SucraSeal Spray Foam in all of our two story homes as a standard feature.  This helps reduce the amount of energy that is wasted due to air leakage and uncontrolled HVAC operation.  Our partnership with Sensigreen on both controlling the heating and cooling of our homes as well as insulating the home brings the savings back to all of our homeowners. Please watch the video below and visit your local model home to see the actual utility bills from homeowners within our communities.

Our Standard is Their Upgrade
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