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This holiday season, forget the latest gadget you’ve seen online — our Thinking Home smart technology does it all. From motion and security sensors to a video doorbell and everything in between, the smart features that come standard in all of our homes are the wisest gifts you’ll ever give yourself. 


Are you ready for a brand new living space that thinks the way that you do? Look no further than our contemporary homes throughout Alabama, built to the highest standards and equipped with today’s modern tech that makes your life easier and more convenient every day. ‘Tis the season for technology… let’s go!


Z-Wave Thermostat, Plug/Outlet Modules, Garage Door Controllers, Locksets: Have you ever returned home only to find yourself locked out? Do you hate the feeling of coming back to a cold, dark space? With these features, you’ll always come home to the warm and welcoming place you know and love.


Video Doorbell: Your Stone Martin Builders home should make you feel as safe and secure as possible… even when you’re not physically there. With a high-tech video doorbell, you can monitor who’s at your door, whether you’re sitting on your sofa or you’re 2,000 miles away on vacation. 


Interior & Exterior Security Cameras + Motion & Security Sensors: We believe there’s no such thing as too much security, because with us, your everyday peace of mind is our number one priority. These sensors ensure that you always know who or what is moving around the outside of your home. 


All-in-One Touchscreen Control Panel: Designed to make your life easier every day, our smart home features work together to provide 24/7 convenience. With that in mind, why not have one confined space to control them all? This all-in-one panel allows you to monitor and control these features with exceptional ease. 


At Stone Martin Builders, we never stop working to make your daily life as stress-free as possible. When you can rely on smart home features like these, you can go about your day without any of the worries you may have had in the past. In 2019 and beyond, you can monitor your home from anywhere in the world… and how cool is that? For more information about the Thinking Home, please call 334-742-8050.

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