Your Stone Martin Builders Weekly Update

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Weekly Update

The Stone Martin Builders team is staying aware of the current happenings in relation to COVID-19. We are committed to providing excellent service and quality homes for our purchasers. The health and safety of our customers, staff, suppliers and their families are of utmost importance to us. The effects of COVID-19 will likely be felt throughout the entire economy.


We want to take the time to share our approach to the current events. In realizing that you aren’t looking for another CEO of a company to tell you how many bottles of hand sanitizer it takes to keep his business open, I prefer to address the real issues at hand. 


I imagine that you really want to know how we are experiencing this pandemic as a company? How are employers and vendors responding? How are sales associates feeling? What are our hopes and prayers and actual realities? How will we get through this together?


I plan to use our current state of affairs as a platform to draw you, the customer, closer to the heartbeat of our company than you ever have been. The housing market has been, and will continue to be, the epicenter of the country’s economic status. The Stone Martin Builders team has a responsibility to you and every community we work within to keep the market moving in a forward direction. We do not take that responsibility lightly. Stone Martin Builders is a leader in the industry and one of the largest homebuilders in the country. We believe that it is up to us to continue to pour into economic stability. In times of fear and uncertainty, we do not intend to run away, but rather, lean in and understand what our customers need and desire. 


SMB takes pride in running a lean and efficient operation. We pass savings on to the homeowner in order to provide affordable home purchases. In times such as these, we are fully prepared to continue to meet the needs of the customer. 


I personally understand and value how important your new home is to you. The Stone Martin Builders family is dedicated to continuing to provide you a home built on time and with the utmost quality. We realize that you have already pictured yourself in your home, along with your hopes of happiness and wellbeing in that environment. We are invested in providing that future promise to you just as we did the day you signed your purchase agreement. We are dedicated to the memories that will be made in your new home for years to come. It is important for us to fulfill our obligations to you.  


Whether you realize it or not, the home purchaser and the home builder are what makes our economy strong and keep it strong. We want to know your input and experiences throughout these times as well. Therefore, we will begin regular updates to you with an opportunity for you to respond and share with us.


We do not want to give you a cold, political briefing of the company’s status, but rather, we want to work with you and communicate with you weekly and have a real understanding of how everyone is affected and how we will thrive in unpredictable times. 


It is times like these that make me love being a home builder, as I appreciate the memories and opportunities we create for customers every day. I can assure you that I did not enter this industry for profitability. What fulfills me is driving through the neighborhoods, seeing your children play on the playgrounds, swim in the pools and wait at bus stops. It is creating the spaces that allow your family to make memories that matter most to me and my team. We are truly passionate about the communities we create and we are passionate about walking through this time with our customers. 


Be on the lookout for my weekly updates. Please share with your local sales associate any feedback you would like for us to know. I will be speaking with our market managers weekly and look forward to hearing your stance. 


Mitchell Martin

Stone Martin Builders

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