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A Lasting Relationship

Stone Martin Builders believes that success is rooted through relationships. Staying in touch can be hard through the years, so Stone Martin Leadership is committed to meeting with Trade Partners in order to keep a good thing growing! 

Stone Martin Builders
Stone Martin Builders

A Plan for the Future & A Listening Ear

Stone Martin is committed to providing trade goals to every Trade Partner in advance so you can properly plan for the future in business growth and budgeting. In order to hear both positive and negative comments from the field, the Stone Martin Purchasing Agents will schedule regular meetings with all trades. Follow up from the Purchasing Agent regarding the solutions created will be sent to all trades following the field meeting. 

A Moment To Relax & A Reward For All

In appreciation of every trade partner’s hard work, Stone Martin will offer on site trade events in the field twice a month. Your crews will have a chance to enjoy a moment to relax. Stone Martin seeks to provide craftsmen incentives to all members of your team on an annual basis. These incentives will range anywhere from new shirts and hats to gift cards and trade tools. 

Stone Martin Builders
Stone Martin Builders


It is our mission to help Trade Partners grow with us and produce more volume every year, while increasing their profitability and our efficiency.

A Public Shout Out

The Trades Up program encourages Stone Martin Builders to collaborate with your business in joint marketing efforts through social media. Add #TradesUpSMB whenever you post photos of your team on our jobsites and we will tag your business.

Stone Martin Builders


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