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Approved Lenders

Choosing an experienced lender is an important step in the home buying process. Stone Martin Builders maintains an Approved Lender list that consists of one or more mortgage professionals serving each of our markets who are familiar with Stone Martin’s programs, building processes, and our closing procedures and timelines. While our buyers are under no obligation to use an Approved Lender, buyers that choose to finance their new Stone Martin home with an Approved Lender may be eligible to receive a credit toward their closing costs. Additional details and the complete terms and conditions that apply to this program (including the amount and availability of any credits under this program) can be found in our Home Purchase Agreement, and any of our onsite agents will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have regarding this program.

Interlinc Mortgage Services

John Reese – 334-524-7923

Nancy Seagroves – 256-559-9028

Ann Borland  – 334-618-2953

Lisa Shockey – 404-229-9024

Heather Gatewood – 334-791-5167

Brett Dickey – 334-201-5477

Josh Bellflower – 334-707-8163

Jerry Smith – 334-744-4773

Harris Baker – 334-549-8332

*These lenders are subject to change at any time. Stone Martin Builders reserves the right to add or remove lenders at their discretion.

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