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Customer Care Specialist

The Customer Care Specialist is a key member of the Stone Martin team, responsible for intaking and managing warranty-related inquiries, claims, and support. The primary objective of this role is to provide efficient and effective assistance to customers who have purchased homes from the company, ensuring their concerns are addressed promptly and in accordance with company policies. The individual in this role plays a critical role in maintaining customer satisfaction, resolving warranty-related issues, and upholding the company's reputation for quality and superior service.

Full Time

Key Responsibilities:

• Warranty Claims Handling: Receive and enter warranty claims from customers through various communication channels, such as phone, email, online portals, or in-person interactions.

• Product Knowledge: Develop an in-depth understanding of the company's products and their associated warranty coverage to accurately explain warranty claims and provide relevant information to customers.

• Customer Support and Troubleshooting: Assist customers in understanding warranty terms, coverage, and claim procedures. Assist in determining whether issues qualify for warranty coverage and provide basic diagnostic, troubleshooting, and technical assistance for warranty and non-warranty issues.

• Claim Verification: Verify the eligibility of warranty claims based on purchase date, warranty period, and adherence to the warranty terms and conditions.

• Documentation and Record Keeping: Maintain accurate and detailed records of warranty claims, customer interactions, and claim resolutions in the company's CRM system or relevant databases and assist in updating any necessary documentation pertaining to the Warranty department.

• Resolution of Claims: Assist the Warranty Superintendents with coordinating the repair, replacement, or refund processes for approved warranty claims in coordination with relevant teams and departments, such as field staff, sales, product development, and logistics in order to provide seamless warranty service and ensure customer claims are resolved in a timely and satisfactory manner.

• Fleet Management: Oversee and maintain compliance with fleet management policies and procedures.

• Communication: Keep customers informed about the status of their warranty claims, expected timelines, appointment scheduling, and any necessary follow-up steps. Maintain and communicate the on-call warranty schedule to relevant team members in the warranty department.

• Warranty Policy Communication: Educate customers about the terms and limitations of warranty coverage to manage expectations and avoid misunderstandings.

• Customer Feedback: Gather feedback from customers regarding their customer experiences, product performance, and suggestions for improvements. Share insights with relevant internal teams for continuous improvement and service recovery.

• Compliance: Ensure compliance with warranty policies, procedures, and regulatory requirements while processing warranty claims.

• Training and Knowledge Sharing: Stay up to date with product developments and changes in warranty policies. Share knowledge with colleagues to enhance overall team performance.

• Metrics and Reporting: Monitor and report on key performance indicators (KPIs) related to warranty claims, including turnaround time, claim approval rates, and customer satisfaction.

Qualifications and Requirements:

• High school diploma or equivalent.

• Strong verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to explain warranty policies, procedures, and technical information in a clear and understandable manner.

• Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills to assess warranty claims and make informed and appropriate decisions.

• Customer-focused attitude with a commitment to delivering high-quality service and support.

• Basic computer literacy and proficiency in using customer service software and CRMs.

• Attention to detail and accuracy in claim documentation and verification.

• Previous experience in customer service, warranty management, or related fields is desired but not mandatory.

• Familiarity with warranty regulations and consumer protection laws is advantageous. • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

• Willingness to adapt to changes in processes and procedures as required by the organization.

Physical Requirements: The Customer Care Specialist position is a physically demanding position that requires the following:

• Ability to stand, walk, and/or sit up for 8 or more hours per day.

• Repetitive use of hands in an office environment; use of a computer, phone, copier, etc.

• Hearing and talking with several people during or most of the entire work shift

• Being able to move around in the office/work area independently

• Ability to climb stairs to reach upstairs office areas multiple times a day

Graphic Designer

As a Graphic Designer for New Home Construction, you will play a crucial role in producing deliverables that establish and maintain Stone Martin’s brand presence and consistency across our community footprint in Alabama and Georgia.

Full Time
Key Responsibilities
  • Design marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, and digital assets that effectively showcase real estate properties, emphasizing their unique features and value propositions.

● Create visually engaging presentations that highlight property details, floor plans, and key selling points for client meetings and presentations.

● Design digital assets for online marketing campaigns, including but not limited to social media graphics, email newsletters, and website visuals.

● Develop and maintain visual branding guidelines for real estate projects, ensuring consistency in design across all materials.

● Manage content and deliverables produced, ensuring they meet quality standards and project deadlines.

● Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including real estate agents and the marketing team, to align design efforts with project goals.

● Demonstrate strong time management, collaboration, and project management skills in executing design projects effectively.

Qualification and Requirements

● Proficiency in graphic design software such as Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign).

● Knowledge of typography, color theory, and layout principles.

● Strong attention to detail and the ability to maintain brand consistency.

● Excellent communication skills and ability to work collaboratively in a team environment.

Education and Experience

● Degree in Graphic Design or a related field.

● 2-5 years of professional graphic design experience, with a strong portfolio showcasing real estate-related projects.

Other Requirements

● Must work in-office at Stone Martin Builders in Downtown Opelika.

● Passion for the real estate industry and willingness to learn and adapt to new challenges.

● Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic work environment.

Physical Requirements

The Graphic Designer position is a physically demanding position that requires the following:

•Ability to occasionally stand, walk, or sit up for 8 or more hours per day.

• Repetitive use of hands in an office environment; use of a computer, phone, copier, etc.

• Hearing and talking with several people during or most of the entire work shift.

• Being able to move around in the office/work area independently.

• Ability to climb stairs to reach upstairs office areas multiple times a day

This Job Description should not be interpreted as exclusive as the job may occasionally require other duties to be done as may be seen fit by the Manager. This is in no way a complete representation or list of all jobs that may be required, and the Company reserves the right to change or amend such job description as may be required by Management from time to time.

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