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The gas tankless water heater system uses energy only when hot water is requested, which reduces energy bills exponentially and never allows a home to runout of hot water. The system is installed on the exterior of the home and is controlled by a digital thermostat mounted in the laundry room.

Smart home features including digital thermostat, video doorbells, smart home panel, Kwikset digital lock, z-wave lamp module and a z-wave light switch are installed as included features on all homes for continued connectivity between you and your home.

These windows minimize the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light that comes through the glass without minimizing the light that enters the home. The glass is transparent and reflects heat, keeping the temperature in your home consistent.

Spray foam insulation provides up to 40% savings on energy costs and provides comfortable home temperatures year-round. Full spray foam homes are installed with a Fresh air intake and dehumidifier for added performance. Hybrid spray foam homes are installed with spray foam in the roof decking. In addition, all homes are constructed with “seal packs”, created by low expansion foam and caulk being placed between the framing members, windows, studs, plates and concrete to reduce air infiltration and provide a seal from the exterior to the interior of the home.

Architecturally pleasing roof pitches and custom wall and angle flashing for roofs. The roofs consist of a 30 year architectural asphalt shingles with a Class A fire-resistance rating, dual-layered for extra protection from the elements, and ten year StreakFighter® algae-resistance warranty. 

Garage doors with belt drives that provide quiet operation, available battery backup, car connect (when available in your vehicle) and faster open/close speed, along with motion and pressure sensors that keep your vehicle, children and pets safe from an unintended closing door. Motion sensor have guards installed to prevent unintended damage and ensure consistent operation.

Strength and durability provided in fiber cement siding that is environmentally friendly and has a long lasting curb appeal, strength and durability, and ease of maintenance.  

Framing with California Corners (three stud corners) and Ladder T’s (exterior/interior wall blocking) that allow proper insulation at wall intersections and at the exterior corners of the home in order to avoid any voids in the insulation.

Stone Martin Builders partners with PPG to provide Interior Latex paint, the paint company’s best professional interior latex formula, created to meet the performance requirements of professional painters. This is a high hiding product when applied by brush, roller, or sprayer making touch ups in your home quick and easy in the future.  

LVP flooring is a high quality 7" plank installed in SMB homes. Prior to install, a 6 mm poly underlayment is glued to the slab. This underlayment serves as an extra moisture barrier in conjunction with the already attached Soft Silence pad. The LVP is then floated over the underlayment, locking the planks together by unique tongue and groove mechanisms. to ensure the product can expand and contract properly throughout the years.

Many Stone Martin Homes feature a full tile bath and shower. Floor tiles are installed with a Tile Underlay that is a lightweight, waterproof uncoupling membrane that installed under tile on concrete subfloors and eliminates movement to prevent cracking in grout.

Highly efficient and functional gas fireplaces with multiple hearth, mantel, and accent options to provide warmth and ambience in your home with the flip of a switch. 

A certified HVAC system is designed to effectively heat and cool every specific SMB floor plan. Homes are installed with a touchscreen thermostat with mobile device capable controls. Some homes receive a zoned system with one 14 Seer unit and multiple thermostats based on design criteria to ensure even temperature distribution. SMB designs their HVAC systems with easily accessible air filter return locations for cost savings and efficiency. An alarms is installed in order to shut off the system if water or leakage is discovered. A maintenance plan is offered to home buyers through our trade partners in each market.

Where possible, plumbing lines are installed overhead in the attic, rather than in the slab, for future access. The washer and dryer hook ups are recessed into the wall to prevent kinks and unnecessary leaking. Water shut offs are provided to all plumbing fixtures.

Wainscoting in foyer and dining rooms, crown moulding in the dining room and master bedroom of most floor plans, exposed beams in certain living areas, RB3 window and door trim, 5 inch baseboards and crown moulding in kitchen and living spaces. 

Cabinets are installed with dove tailed drawer construction, comfort height vanities, and soft close doors and drawers for specific models. The cabinets consist of a plywood box with solid wood face frames, rather than particle board. Stone Martin cabinetry is installed with mouldings and cabinet hardware included.

When a home begins to acclimate, it needs to breathe. In order to allow breathability in the home, SMB installs expansion joints in framing, a Lipsberg method window flashing, sheetrock that is glued to the wall and screwed (rather than nailed), paper corner Sheetrock beads, siliconized grout at tile installation and custom wall and angle flashing for roofs.

An emergency contact sheet with subcontractor contact information for home systems is installed in the laundry room at the time of closing, in case you need assistance immediately during an emergency or would like to have any future work performed by the trade partners involved in the construction of the home. It also includes contact information for the utility companies that service your home. 

Stone Martin Builders home purchaser’s are given access to our Homeowner Portal at the time of contract that is loaded with instructional videos, apps, documents and more that helps you get to know your new home inside and out from the time of contract, to post closing.

The SMB warranty department takes pride in ensuring lasting quality to customers. SMB offers a one year builder warranty plus a 2-10 third party warranty that covers the second year of systems in your home and 10 years of structural coverage.

Carbon dioxide and smoke detectors are installed to keep your mind at ease and loved ones protected. In addition, waterproof exterior outlets, alarm panel, digital deadbolt locks, camera doorbells, and Flock Safety subdivision cameras are all part of the overall safety mission of Stone Martin Builders. 

Soil compaction tests are generated on every lot to ensure that the soil is properly compacted to assure solid foundation footings.




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Select a basic layout, choose your exterior color scheme, and view your home! Rendering House has worked with hundreds of homebuilders, architects, and developers, to help home buyers see what their home will look like when built. Stone Martin Builders has partnered with Rendering House to help you see the exterior of your home before it’s finished! You can select your favorite exterior options like brick, siding colors, and more!

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