Spray Foam Insulation

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No More Foam FOMO!

In most of our homes, spray foam is part of a hybrid insulation system. The underside of the roof decking, and in between the studs and roof supports, gets spray foam insulation, and the exterior walls get batt insulation. In our Wellington, Georgian, and Manor series, the whole house has spray foam insulation. No more FO(a)MO!

More energy efficient

Stone Martin Builders is thrilled to announce that spray foam insulation is now included in all our homes. Why are we so excited about this? Because now your new Stone Martin home is even better! Insulated attics and/or exterior walls lower energy bills anywhere between 30-50%, while reducing stress on the HVAC system.

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Stone Martin Builders
Stone Martin Builders

Cooler & More Comfortable

Stone Martin Builders uses a hybrid spray foam insulation system in all roof lines over conditioned spaces in ALL homes. Certain SMB homes are built with whole house spray foam for maximum efficiency. Spray foam insulation saves 30%-50% on energy costs while providing comfortable temperatures year round. Spray foam insulation provides a nearly air-tight seal wherever applied. In the southern United States, the average attic temperature in summer can be over 150 degrees. The attic temperature in a Stone Martin Builders home stays within 5-10 degrees of the inside of the home.

Healthier Indoor Air

Spray foam, in conjunction with a customized HVAC system, can control humidity and allergens by filtering the outside air mechanically through a fresh air system. And no matter which home you choose, you’ll enjoy the benefits of spray foam insulation!

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