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Options and Upgrades

View our available standard options and upgrades for your new home!
Kendrick by Stone Martin Builders


Take the first step in customizing your brand new home by choosing your favorite styles and features for all your appliances. We have the most up to date technology for the modern home, energy efficiency improvements, and more!

Glendale by Stone Martin Builders


Cabinets can make or break a styling theme throughout a home. With our incredible selection of amazing cabinets, you can be sure that your home looks fresh and clean for years to come.

Alexandria by Stone Martin Builders

Countertops & Backsplashes

Countertops bring the design of any room together, offering color and style to your home, while still giving a great functional purpose that requires the durability and sustainability of quality materials.

Waverly by Stone Martin Builders


The door of your home both protects you from the outside world, but also makes a statement to your personal tastes. Doors aren’t the thing to save money on in a home, but rather to invest in, for the sake of your whole family. Whether it’s the front door, back door, or an interior door to a bedroom, choose quality.

Montclair by Stone Martin Builders


The color and quality of flooring materials used in your home make a huge difference, especially when it comes to the amount of “foot traffic,” your floors will get. Stone Martin Builders offer flooring options and upgrades that stand the test of time!

Mansfield by Stone Martin Builders

Interior Trims & Finishes

The accents and finishing pieces of a home show your personal sense of style and flair. We offer options and upgrades to doors, trim, moulding, paint selections and every piece of your house that makes it a home.

Kensington by Stone Martin Builders


Brighten up your home with new light options available this year! Whether you want the southern charm of Edison bulbs or the energy efficiency of LED chandeliers, Stone Martin Builders has the options for you.

Belmont by Stone Martin Builders

Bathroom & Plumbing Fixtures

Faucets, shower heads, sinks, and more. We have brass, brushed copper, stainless steel, and more finishing options for your different upgrades to tie your bathrooms and kitchens together.

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