Our Defining Warranty

We provide a standard one year whole-house builder warranty on all of our newly constructed homes. Our full-time warranty department serves Stone Martin Builders’ homeowners in all areas to ensure that we handle claims in a timely and efficient manner. We schedule an appointment 11 months after closing in order to address any claims or concerns before your one year warranty expires. On top of that, we purchase an additional 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty for every home we sell. This covers systems for 2 years and the structure for 10 years. We do this to show each of our homebuyers that we proudly stand behind the quality of our product.

We strive to provide every homeowner with the highest level of commitment before, during, and after they have chosen one of our homes. You can rest assured that when you buy a Stone Martin Builders home you are making an investment in quality and peace of mind.

Submitting a Claim

If you are a homeowner looking for information on submitting claims, click here.

Supplementary Documents

The following images go into more detail regarding our standard whole-house and 2-10 warranties. The left depicts what is covered by different phases of the warranties. The right explains our top 25 requests and how we handle them. You can use the buttons underneath to download the PDFs for future reference.