5 Great Benefits of an Open Floor Concept

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In many of our homes at Stone Martin Builders, we utilize an open floor plan concept. It’s incredibly popular, and makes a lot of sense. Homes can be opened up and utilized in more ways with less walls. Here are five reasons we think an open floor plan may be great for your custom home.

1. Light, Light, and more Light

With less interior walls blocking windows, the amount of natural light is much brighter in an open floor plan. This eases the transition from indoors to outdoors, and highlights the natural beauty of the home.

living area with fire place
2. More to See

In an open floor plan, there are more uninterrupted sight lines for longer distances in the home. So nothing is hidden from view! If you have family over at the table, but need something in the kitchen, and the game is going on on tv, you never have to leave the space!

3. Entertainment Magnet

Open floor plans almost always feature large, inviting main spaces for gathering and entertainment. This allows for more guests and less crowding, or an extremely cozy environment for you and your family.

4. Maximize Square Footage

With less walls and less compartmentalization, you’ll have more access to your home. This open and inviting atmosphere will make your home seem much bigger, and allows for even more ideas for decoration, function, and enjoyment of your space.

kitchen with hardwood floors
5. Show Off that Kitchen!

Everyone loves a beautiful kitchen, and everyone enjoys great food! In an open floor plan, your kitchen becomes a great focal point that is no longer tucked away from your guests. Instead, it’s right in the middle of your entertainment.

Here at Stone Martin Builders, we have numerous open floor plans depending on your location. We hope that when it comes time for you to build, you’ll look into all we have to offer!

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