Why Auburn Should be your next home

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Auburn is the largest city in eastern Alabama and is located in Lee County, 30 minutes from the Georgia boarder. It is considered one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas and is home to SEC school Auburn University, making the housing market in high-demand. Auburn acquired it’s name from the poem The Deserted Village by Oliver Goldsmith and thus got it’s nickname “The loveliest village on the plains”. The city has a population of roughly 50,000 people and was listed as one of the Best Places to Live by U.S Cotswolds Auburn Neighborhood by Stone Martin BuildersNews in 2009. One of the more noteworthy things to do in Auburn is visit Toomer’s Drugstore and enjoy a delicious, cold lemonade, which was listed in Southern Living’s Top 100 Things to Do Before You Die. If you’re planning on joining the droves of families moving to Auburn, consider how much more value your new home would appreciate with such a bustling market. Auburns public school system has six elementary schools, one middle school, one junior high and one high school. The district was named number five in the 2016 Best School Districts in Alabama. The district focuses and prides itself on providing cutting edge academics as well as college readiness. Our Auburn communities provide your with access to the best school systems available in conjunction with your new custom home. Auburn is also home to the secondary school Auburn University. The university has deep rooted traditions which is symbolized by beautiful Oak Trees that can be seen in the downtown area. Some of the traditions both students and residents take part in include the rolling of Toomers Corner, Tiger Walk and chanting “War Eagle” on a hot Saturday afternoon in Jordan-Hare Stadium. Auburn University is a research institution and has leading programs in business, engineering, agriculture and veterinary medicine. Auburn is bordered by Opelika in Lee County and it’s geography is composed of rolling hills and plateaus. The last of the Appalachian Mountain foothills can be found in Chewacla State Park where you can enjoy camping and hiking with your family or a picnic near the scenic waterfall. The typical climate for the area is hot and humid summers, cold and rainy winters, warm autumns and a brief spring. Stone Martin Builders is proud to build in Auburn, AL. We look forward to hearing from you with what you’re looking for out of your new construction!  
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