Buying a New Construction Home vs. a Pre-Owned, Existing Home

Buying a New Construction Home vs. a Pre-Owned, Existing Home

Oct 12, 2022

One of the biggest investments you’ll make is buying a home. Among the many decisions that come with this purchase, the first you’ll likely start with is whether to buy a new construction home or a pre-owned home. At first glance it may seem like an existing home is the way to go, but depending on your budget, where you want to live, your desired lifestyle, and more, you may want to consider buying a new construction home.

With Stone Martin Builders, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional-quality homes with many opportunities for a better life. From all-new systems and appliances to flawless features and flexible design, a beautiful new home in a community you love makes life easier and more enjoyable every day. Here are the advantages of building vs. buying a house.

What to Know About Building vs. Buying a House

Modern Floor Plans

NEW:A big pro for building a new construction home is the ability to enjoy a floor plan designed for the way you live today. You’ll also have the ability to personalize the floor plan before the building begins to ensure you get a home that fits your needs. Newer homes come with open-concept layouts and flexible rooms that can be used for whatever you need. They also often have larger windows to provide more natural light.

USED: You’ll be hard-pressed to find a pre-owned home with an up-to-date layout. Oftentimes, the bedrooms, closets, and windows are much smaller, with the flow from the living room to the kitchen area disrupted by a wall.

Home Systems, Smart Technology & Energy-Efficiency

NEW: There’s peace of mind that comes with a newly built home. All of the systems are brand new, including the HVAC system, appliances, roof, and foundation. Imagine having to spend money on a pre-owned home just to have to come up with the funds for major renovations. In addition, you will find that new homes are equipped with the latest technology and smart features that make your life easier. From low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints and better insulation to overall healthier building materials, newer homes also provide huge energy savings.

USED: An existing home is less likely to have energy-efficient appliances and can be poorly insulated. This could cause you to use or lose extra energy, increasing your utility bills. Even if you replace dated wiring and install smart technology, it will cost more to add it in since the house isn’t structured to incorporate it.

Builder Warranties

NEW: When it comes to building a house vs. buying a used home, you’ll definitely want to consider the protection and guarantee that comes with a builder's warranty. A new construction home will come with a warranty that can last anywhere from one to ten years. It can be used for materials and workmanship, plumbing and electrical systems, and even costly structural repairs.

USED: Buying a pre-owned or existing home is certainly not going to come with these guarantees. You’ll have to factor in potential renovation and repair costs into the price of the home, which can become a hassle depending on the age of the home.

Premium Location

NEW: The right location can make all the difference when looking for the perfect home. 
Buying a new construction home often means buying a lifestyle. From builder communities to master-planned communities, you’ll find that new homes are set within prime locations near everything you could need (often with tons of amenities).

USED: Finding an existing home in a neighborhood close to everything may prove to be a little harder. You may be stuck in an unfamiliar location or lot that you didn’t necessarily want or choose due to looking for something near your job, good schools, and local conveniences.

Should I Buy a New Construction Home?

Yes! There are a ton of reasons why you should buy a new construction home.

Imagine walking into a brand new home where you can choose from a wide selection of floor plans, upgrades, and finishes. A home that is personalized to fit you and your family’s needs top to bottom. Stone Martin Builders can make that your reality. Choose from an ever-evolving lineup of selections at every price point. Energy-efficient appliances and lighting, stylish cabinets and doors, durable countertops and backsplashes, and elegant trims, finishes, and fixtures.

Our homes are built to be healthy and smart to last generations. You’ll find Low-E windows throughout our homes. These windows minimize the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light that comes through the glass without minimizing the amount of natural light that enters the home. Spray foam insulation is included in all of our homes to give you savings of between 30% and 50% on energy costs while providing comfortable temperatures year round. You’ll also have several smart features for easy connectivity between you and your home. These include a digital thermostat, video doorbells, a smart home panel, Kwikset digital lock, a z-wave lamp module, and a z-wave light switch.

The options of places to live with a new construction home are endless. Each community we build is thoughtfully designed and placed in areas with easy access to shopping, dining, and entertainment. They even include exciting amenities of their own, with walking trails, pools, sports courts, playgrounds, green spaces, and more. Plus, the timeline for moving is very flexible since you can choose to build your home from the ground up or select one of our available homes that are ready within a variety of time frames (some are even ready NOW).

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Stone Martin Builders understands that you don’t take this investment decision lightly. After reviewing some of the advantages of building vs. buying, we hope you’ll explore our new construction homes for sale and revel in the benefits. You truly can’t go wrong with the higher quality, smart and energy-efficient features, the ability for customization, and amazing locations that come with a brand new home. Take a moment to discover the possibilities of a Stone Martin Builders home throughout Alabama and Georgia. If you have any questions, we’re happy to help! Just connect with us by phone or online today!


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