Why Our Standard is Their Upgrade – Part 2

 In Energy Efficiency, Heating and Cooling

In our last post, we said that at Stone Martin Builders, our standard is their upgrade. We showed you some of the great features and quality materials that go into building each custom home. In this post we want to continue the trend and describe some more of the features you can expect when building with us.

Better Comfort. Lower Bills.

Insulated Windows

Have you ever sat by a window and noticed that it was much cooler than other parts of the house? It’s a common problem. In a residential home, the windows are usually the weakest point for energy efficiency. Not so with Stone Martin Builders. We use Low E double paned argon gas-filled efficient windows custom build to our standards of energy efficiency. With a U factor of .29 and a solar heat gain coefficient of only .20, our windows are basically insulated by superior craftsmanship to assure your custom home is comfortable and energy efficient.

innerglass illustration

Seal Packs

When homes are built, there are many cracks and crannies that are too small for standard insulation that get formed between frames, studs, and other structures. Left untreated, they can add up to leaks and drafts that translate to increased energy costs for you. At Stone Martin Builders, we plug up these cracks with seal packs, closing the gaps so that our homes are more comfortable and less costly to heat and cool.

Proactive Flooring Protection

Tile Floors

In many homes with tile floors, it doesn’t take long to see cracks in the grout or other defects. It’s frustrating, and once the tile is down, there’s little to do to fix the issues underneath. That’s where Stone Martin Builders go above and beyond to make sure that those problems don’t have the chance to even start. Underneath all our tile floors, we apply a Ditra underlayment that acts as a barrier against moisture and vapor, as well as a suppressant against cracks.

interior hallways

Hardwood Floors

If you decide hardwood floors are more your style, we have you covered as well. All of our hardwoods are installed with a urethane based glue that is extremely hard setting and protect the flooring against substrate moisture issues that would otherwise lead to buckling floors and other problems.

Stone Martin Builders is proud to provide the best products for your custom dream home. We raise our standards to exceed expectations. But there’s even more reasons why our standard is there upgrade. Check back soon to find them out!

Our Standard is Their Upgrade
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