Feature Friday: New Options (Round 1!)

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It’s Feature Friday, and we are doing something a little different this week. Rather than focusing on a specific home design, we are taking a look at some of the new options and upgrades available in Stone Martin Builders homes! We pride ourselves on the things we offer standard: granite countertops, tankless water heaters, energy-efficient windows, crown molding and hardwood flooring in main living areas and hallways, just to name a few. But we also try to offer a variety of options or additional upgrades to give you a chance to make your new Stone Martin Builders home just what you’ve always dreamed! Without further ado, here are 9 of our newer options.
  1. 60″ Wainscoting – Do you love this, or what? We have always offered wainscoting standard in all formal dining rooms and foyers, but this is the first time we’ve given an alternative option for what that will look like. This new upgrade is taller and gives a bit more of a modern, craftsman feel than our more traditional option. 60" Wainscoting in Dining Room
  2. Shiplap Mantel Accent – If Chip and Jojo haven’t pulled you into the shiplap obsession, then you must be much stronger than we are! It was hook, line, sinker for us, so we are drooling over the look of this shiplap mantel accent. Would you choose this for your home? Shiplap Mantel
  3. Wood Shelving in the Pantry – Chances are that most people don’t see the inside of your pantry, but that doesn’t stop us from wanting it to look oh-so-sleek and organized. Wood shelving really steps it up a notch! Wood Shelving in Pantry
  4. Trash Can Cabinet – We love things that make our lives simpler, and the trash can cabinet does just that! Whether you use both for trash or one for trash and one for recycling, you’ll love the ease of sliding this cabinet out to toss something or replace the liner. No more taking up space in the pantry or having to yank it out of a cabinet every time! Trash Can Cabinet
  5. Utensil Drawer – This is what organization dreams are made of! Many people buy store bought utensil organizers, but this drawer guarantees a perfect fit AND allows you to stash your forks, knives, and spoons in two layers. Talk about maximizing space! Utensil Drawer
  6. Single Bowl Undermount Sink – Maybe you’re not a fan of the farmhouse look, but you still prefer one big sink bowl for all of your dish washing and pasta draining needs. This sink is for YOU! Single Bowl Undermount Sink
  7. 60/40 Undermount Sink – If the single bowl life is not for you, don’t worry – we’ve still got your back! This 60/40 split sink is a standard option offered as an alternative to the 50/50 sink. Sometimes you just need a different ratio! (PS You can also peep one of our new granite options – Bianco Antico. We loooove.)60 40 Undermount Sink
  8. Freestanding Bathtub – There are no words for this gorgeous upgrade! If you prefer the more airy, modern look in your bathroom, then you may choose to opt into the freestanding tub. This bathtub will be surrounded by the wainscoting you have in the rest of your home – either our standard or the 60″ upgrade, mentioned above and shown again here. Freestanding Tub
  9. Outdoor Fireplace – We know, we know – outdoors is king. There is no better way to relax (except maybe in the freestanding tub) than to sit outside and enjoy a nice beverage beneath the stars and in front of a fire. If you’re like us, you love a nice fire no matter what season it is but, even if you don’t, this outdoor living package gives you a great focal point (and plant ledge!) and extends your patio space with a paver addition. Outdoor Living Package B
So, what do you think? Do you have a favorite? What would you add to your home? We love to hear feedback as we continuously strive to grow and expand our offerings to be exactly what buyers are looking for. This is just a taste of options that were added this year alone! To learn about all we have to offer, contact your local sales agent and ask for all of the details. We’ll tell them to be on the lookout for your calls and emails. 😉 Have a great weekend, everyone!
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